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The Insider Approach

For-Profit College SEO Agency

DDM makes sector-leading digital marketing affordable and effective.

We don't have fancy offices full of interns and account reps.  Instead, DDM consists primarily of one industry veteran marketing executive who treats your for-profit college like he works there.  

Jay Casper built his first web page in 1996, learned tech in telecom companies for a decade, and joined the career college sector in 2004.  Since that time, Jay has helped a handful of for-profit colleges dominate their markets in organic SEO and paid search.

Jay brings in outside specialists as required, but for the most part, he does the SEO work on your account himself.  This arrangement has numerous advantages for schools:

- The REAL DEAL.  SEO suffers from a credibility problem because so many people are selling it without expertise.  Many of our for-profit college SEO agency clients have experienced the frustration of working with agencies who could not produce results.  DDM's decades-long proven track-record can be easily demonstrated by calling our sterling references who will evangelize our successes.


- Affordability.  DDM charges a small fraction of the retainers and commissions common among agencies in the education sector.  

- Low Risk.  We produce real results.  Our clients stay with us because they see the effect on the bottom line.

- Focus.  DDM does digital marketing for the career college sector and nothing else.  We are the specialists who generate your leads.  

- Limited Client List.  DDM only works with a small group of clients.  We quite literally turn away more business than we accept.  

- Career College Sector Expertise.  Does your agency understand compliance?  Gainful Employment?  Cost-Per-Start?  Financial Aid?  Admissions?  We do.  We understand your business model, your target market, and your regulatory constraints.   


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