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At Data Driven Marketing, we deliver results. We ask to be judged on that basis.  We know that we have to deliver an ROI for our clients and we have a long track-record of doing exactly that.


Our career college SEO agency is based in Denver, but we work with clients near and far in order to help them generate more leads at a low COST-PER-ENROLLMENT.


We know education.  We've been on the inside.  We'll satisfy your admissions team's need for more qualified leads without taking compliance risks. 


The digital marketing business is full of fakers who don't understand your business, your market, or SEO.  Many of our clients spent years bouncing from one failed agency to the next.  DDM has a proven track record.  You'll feel confident after speaking with our references, and safe because you will start seeing improvement and ROI from the first month.


People say SEO is dead.  How absurd.  What they mean by that is that Google has become so smart that their old tricky methods don't work anymore.  But somebody is going to rank, right?  SEO is about giving Google what it needs to understand what you REALLY are, from your customers' perspective.  


Pay-per-click advertising is the most efficient paid marketing channel ever invented.  Think about it!  Your prospective customers are waving their hands in the air (or searching for relevant keywords... same thing), shouting that they want to buy your product.   You just have to know how to recognize and answer them.

Marketing Strategy

What does your business really need to succeed?  Clever slogans?  Creative ads?  Beautiful imagery?  No.  You need to efficiently communicate your message to a customer at a profitable ROI.  It's science.  Test.  Measure.  Tweak.  Scale. Repeat.  The data will lead you to the answer.


We did scientific response marketing in the old days.  It just took longer.  Digital marketing is like the fulfillment of a fantasy for data-driven marketers.  Measure it all.  Measure it fast.  Multivariate and personally targeted, the new tools give smart businesses unprecedented power.  Don't miss out!

Local Business SEO

Little guys beat big players every day in local SEO.  Google gives the edge to small brick & mortar players over giant billion dollar enterprises.  All you need is a great product and a little know-how.   Let us help you translate your customers' love into buzz that will launch you to the next level.

Social Media

Everybody's a critic.  Social media benefits consumers.  It rewards excellence and punishes mediocrity.  Don't hire us until after you make your customers smile.  That's the new game.  We seek clients whose customers can be organized into brand evangelists.  

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We have been building, brightening and promoting education company brands since 2004, and our digital marketing team stands eager to prove itself to you with results that will drive revenue.

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Digital marketing levels the playing field.  Little guys really can beat giants if they have a good product and smart marketing.  


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  • Career College SEO

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